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The Language of Flowers and their meaning

In the language of flowers , each flower symbolizes an emotion, a feeling. You should know the meaning of flowers before giving a bouquet to the people you love.
language of daisy flowers

In the language of flowers , each flower symbolizes an emotion, a feeling. You should know the meaning of flowers before giving a bouquet to the people you love.

Here is a small extract of different flowers and their symbolic .

Carnation: Sincere Friendship, Esteem, Admiration

language of flowers carnations

The white carnation symbolizes pure love and loyalty. When it is offered, it is a symbol of Luck for the person who receives it. It is also the symbol of Mother's Day.

The pink carnation embodies eternal maternal love. According to legend, Mary, seeing her son Jesus on the cross, shed tears which transformed into pink carnations.

The red carnation represents carnal love, desire and shared passion. It evokes feelings such as esteem, tenderness, admiration or love.

Violet: Discretion, Secret Love, Modesty

language of flowers violet

There Violet embodies above all shyness and discretion. If you are given a bouquet of violets, it may mean that this person, who has been silent for a long time because of their shyness, finally dares to confess their secret love for you.

In any case, violet means that we are thinking of you.

Poppy: Comfort, Passionate love, Fidelity

language of poppy flowers

THE poppy represents passionate love. But since the poppy is a flower that has a short lifespan once cut, it can mean “Let us love each other as soon as possible”.

In the language of flowers, it also symbolizes fidelity and loyal love.

THE poppy is traditionally offered for the eighth year of marriage.

Its medicinal use to combat sleep disorders, nervousness, or even hyperemotionality, makes it a flower that is offered as comfort.

Rose: Purity, Seduction, Passion

language of pink flowers

There Red rose is the greatest symbol of passionate love in the language of flowers. It is the emblematic flower of Valentine's Day.

There white rose is love imbued with respect. It is also a symbol of purity. It is often associated with religion, notably with the Virgin Mary.

There pink rose , represents the feminine and feminine beauty. If the rose is pale pink, it signifies tenderness and sweetness. If it is bright pink, it is a mark of seduction.

Cherry tree: Innocence, Impermanence, Joy

language of cherry blossoms

THE Cherry blossoms have great meanings in Japanese Tradition. Symbol of spring and renewal, they also symbolize the impermanence of life, and its ephemeral side.

But it is also a flower emblematic of Joy in the language of flowers.

Lily: royal emblem, purity and grandeur of feelings

language of flowers pink lily

THE lily was the royal emblem of France until the Revolution, symbolizing the Divine power of the King.

THE white lily is a symbol of purity, as such it is often used during wedding ceremonies. In the Christian tradition, it is in fact often associated with virginity.

THE pink lily embodies ambition and encourages us to take on the challenges that come our way.

THE orange lily symbolizes the joy of living and cheerfulness but also fiery and intense love.

THE yellow lily symbolizes health and healing, but also selfless love. Offered, it expresses the happiness of loving.

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